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Image of Healthy sandwich omelette
Healthy sandwich omelette
If you follow a healthy diet and you prefer healthy or low-calorie products - this dish is an ideal option. Let's try to cook.
Image of Avocado cake
Avocado cake
Аn incredibly tender, balanced, easy-to-prepare avocado cake (bread). It will be a great addition to your dessert table.
Image of Avokado dessert
Avokado dessert
Healthy and fast option from avocado
Image of Tortilla breakfast
Tortilla breakfast
Absolutely available ingredients, minimum effort and maximum pleasure in just 15 min. Let's cook.
Image of Cauliflower steaks
Cauliflower steaks
If you are not a big fan of cauliflower - not a big deal, after this recipe any of you will love it.Just cook it and make sure!
Image of Quick and fresh healthy snacks
Quick and fresh healthy snacks
This recipe is absolutely universal, fast, fresh and healthy. Anyone can prepare it in a matter of minutes and it will be much more iconvenient to eat compared to an ordinary salad. Let's cook.
Image of Apple cupcake
Apple cupcake
One of my favorite, quick, easy breakfast options, with affordable ingredients, in minutes.
Image of Chocolate cake in a pane
Chocolate cake in a pane
It`s like oatmeal for breakfast, but in a form of a desert, useful cake and not only for breakfast.
Image of Salty cupcakes or "lazy" pies
Salty cupcakes or "lazy" pies
A quick recipe if you're out of bread, bagels or something like that, but you really want savory pastries.
Image of Spicy Healthy Snacks
Spicy Healthy Snacks
Super simple, easy to prepare and healthy option of snacks for any meal