Healthy sandwich omelette in the oven
Last updated
04 February 2023
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Healthy sandwich omelette in the oven
If you follow a healthy diet and you prefer healthy or low-calorie products - this dish is an ideal option. Let's try to cook.
Cook Time
40 minutes
  • eggs 6 pc
  • salt/pepper to taste
  • milk/heavy cream ml
  • crispy flatbread 4-5 pc
  • vegetable mix 75-100 g
  • shredded cheese 30-50 g
  • oil or spreading of baking sheet
  1. Mix together in a bowl: eggs, salt/pepper, milk until smooth
  2. Spread by oil baking form
  3. Put flatbread on the bottom of the form
  4. Fill form with vegetable mix, add egg mass and shredded cheese on top
  5. Bake in preheated oven to 180/350 degrees about 30 min, until golden crust
  6. Cut into portions and serve bitter or even cold, it tastes good in anyway

You can use any kind of flatbreads (rice, buckwheat, multigrain).

It's not necessary to use vegetable mix, it could be: paprika, beans, mushrooms, spinach or just any greens.

If you prefer meat - ham/sausages or baked meat will taste good.

Julia Rybachenko