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Image of Tomato Tulip for Caprese salad
Tomato Tulip for Caprese salad
A great alternative to the classic Caprese salad for a festive, spring table. Tasty, useful and beautiful.
Image of Pasta chips&feta deep
Pasta chips&feta deep
A super quick and easy option for snacks that are easy to prepare at home, without unnecessary harm and extra effort. Perfect for watching a movie or talking over a glass of wine.
Image of Chocolate cake with cherries
Chocolate cake with cherries
Shortly about recipe
Image of Invisible apple pie
Invisible apple pie
It's like an apple charlotte, but even softer and contains more apples.
Image of Morning caprese style sandwich
Morning caprese style sandwich
Do you like a Caprese salad but can't eat salads on a breakfast? I have a simple decision. Just try to cook according to this recipe.
Image of Tortilla breakfast with avocado
Tortilla breakfast with avocado
Another option for a healthy, nutritious and useful breakfast. It will take a few minutes of your time, but will give you a feeling of fullness for more than half a day.
Image of Syrniki
Do you know what does it mean "syrniki"? If your answer "yes" and you dream about the taste of real cheesecakes - you should use this recipe.
Image of Healthy morning sandwich
Healthy morning sandwich
Fast, nutritious and useful morning sandwich in 7 min.
Image of Healthy pancakes
Healthy pancakes
Absolutely fast, simple and very tasty pancakes without any sweetener.
Image of Avocado sandwich spread
Avocado sandwich spread
Fast, nutritious, delicious and a rather attractive option for serving avocado. We serve it for breakfast, as a snack or as an addition to the second course